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Black Owl Gear™ Portable Co2 Charger Kit - Black (88g ver)


Portable Co2 Charger Kit (88g ver)

+ CNC aluminum construction is designed to withstand the high pressure that comes with using CO2
+ Comes with CO2 releasing tool by pushing the valve with the tip
+ Perfect for charging most Co2  magazines on the go
+ Small enough to fit in most small pouches, allows you to have extra CO2 on the field by carrying a Larger Cartridge
+ Easy to use and replace 88g CO2 cartridges




1 x small Upper module that includes the charging nozzle
1 x Large O Ring to fit between upper and lower module 
1 x Large Lower module for hosting the 88g Co2 Cartridge
5 x Small O Ring to fit between the lower module and the 88 gram Co2 Cartridge

NOTE: DOES NOT INCLUDE 88g Co2 Cartridge 
(Picture above is for demonstration purposes)


Additional Information

Material Type 100% Polyester
Product Length (cm) No
Product Width (cm) No
Product Height (cm) No