1.5-6X24 Optic Fibre (Red)

1.5-6X24 Optic Fibre (Red)


Black Owl Gear Tactical™ 1-5-6X24 Optic Fibre (Green) is a professional illuminated rifle scope system for quick target acquisition. It features in variable zoom option and adjustable telescopic capabilities for a dynamic shooting experience. The sight is powered by environmetnal luminance and required no battery to light up the reticle. Without an electrical illuminator, optic fiber scope provides enhanced longevity and reduces the risk of component failure.



Magnification: 1.5-6
Objective Diameter: 24mm
Field of View (@100yd): 10°-3.3°
Eye Relief: 110-91mm
Reticle Pattern: Triangle illumination
Source: Red Optic Fiber
Surface Finish: Anodized Aluminum, dark grey
Mounting: Weaver Rail
Length: 250mm
Cylinder Diameter: 50mm
Weight: 360g
Features: Windage, elevation, zoom, and brightness dials
Description: The fiber optic elements draws in natural light and focuses it to the sight dot.